If you know your girl well enough, you also know that I love to share useful or inspirational people 😁 I used to do it before, so I thought I would continue here 👀 That's how you knew about THE BLOND SALAD and founder Chiara Ferragni, Kenza from KENZAS etc...
For the first post of this kind, I wanted to introduce you to someone very helpful during this time of the year w/ Xmas taking place in a few hours : @THE FOLDING LADY




I was quite hesitant on the subject for this first post... And pressured myself to make up my mind ! Because I want the best for you and this brand new website 😄 It took me a while to get it back on track and let you know it was back online... But it's finally here... And I don't think you can imagine how happy I am to meet you around here again 🎊
So for this 1st post, I almost started w/ my last adventures in Paris during September for a very special concert, but I'll keep it warm for now as I will also save the polls and your opinions for later when there are a few more of us here !
So are you ready for a little tour of this place ? 💖





Apparently you've been missing my little tips, good deals and addresses around here ! You do know me by now right ? I've never had the pretention to influence you in your choices but rather guide you through our common tastes... So here we go (again) 😉 Find here all my best inspirations and where to shop them !