I had to share this (already done via FB and INSTA) and it definitly deserved a post of its own as it's been ON REPEAT since the first time I fell on it, about days ago now. Prepare the tissues cuz I still can't watch it without crying, tears comes straight yo my eyes as soon as I hear a sound. Have you already seen this as it turned out to be a viral vid ? And what's your thoughts ?

Je me devais de la partager (déjà fait sur FB et INSTA) et de lui réserver un article à elle toute seule puisqu'elle est sur REPEAT depuis la première fois que je suis tombé dessus, il y a quinze jours maintenant. Préparez les mouchoirs parce que perso, je ne peux toujours pas la regarder sans pleurer, les larmes me viennent directement dès que j'entends un son. L'avez-vous déjà vu puisqu'elle a créé le buzz lors de sa sortie ? Et qu'en pensez vous ?



Another idea of post has sprouted in my mind during the week ! Often, people who know that I am bilingual French-English ask me to translate some of their favorite songs ! Although well knowns are already translated on the net and our fabulous GOOGLE TRANSLATION (whose 10 years anniversary was celebrated last week) is at our disposal to do everything on our own, everything is not always translated correctly and especially on the latest tunes ! That's why I thought I would translate some of the tunes I listen to the most. Despite myself, I reveal a lot of personal details through music (you'll still have to know how to read in between the lines though ^^I hope you'll be happy to put words on some of your favourite tunes and I thought It would be a good way to share same tastes.




I realised a few days ago that I don't often share my addiction to music otherwise than via my current playlist that you can find on the right hand side of the blog which I try to keep updated frequently so you can have a glimpse of what I listen to the most ! This post is only based an Rihanna's new album ANTI as it has been on REPEAT since it's been released !
If you're interested about learning a little more on each songs feel free to follow THE LINKS back to GENIUS 

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