Hello loves ! I have finally fully recovered from my not-so glam virus which has kept me in bed during four days since my last post on Saturday. I'll tell you one thing : although I had time to prepare, I am not at all into Christmas vibe this year... And thinking about the fact it's in about less than 10 days now just does not help ! No decorations @ home, no Xmas carols, no nothing... I'm just not into it ! The only thing I have prepared is a little something for my BF on the 24th... And yes, without revealing anything, it's a NEW pair of kicks (that I obvisouly cannot show you yet!)... Aswell as a little something for you   





Hey loves ! This is a special post. I wanted to thank you all for reading and following me for such a long time now... Thanks to always be more and more to show support ! I love every each one of you for who you are and I really appreciate each comment, thought or suggestion you have been leaving here and there for me to improve myself aswell as navigate flawlessy throughout this amazing world that is : the blogosphere. I feel so blessed and supported by your words and actions that always make me feel I'm doing something special and gives me strenght to continue. That's why I thank you once again for your support lately on all my different social networks and especiallyBLOGLOVIN' 


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