EUROCK$ 2016

#MEMORIE$ #MU$IC #2016

N-O-S-T-A-L-G-I-A !  I thought it was the right time to remember last year's festival memories... Thank you again for those wonderful Eurocks 2016. Another successful year and 2017 program is full of promises, I just hope I'll be able to attend this year 's festivities ! (we'll see if luck is w/ us ). I can officially say that during this 2016 session, I manage to retrieve the magic of my first worshiped Eurocks, even if I missed my first homies (Seth Cohen; Mooky man ...). Thank you all for contributing in some way or another to this great weekend of music, friendship and love last year  ! You were all on top without exception  Thanks to you I laughed (Rad, Thibault, Lisa, Leo, Bev ...), I cried (INSUS, Nek my little fennec...), I lost my liver and an anckle (Hey HUMOR of course ! MHD FIIIRE !, VALD MADNESS !) but mostly I had all of you by my side because Eurocks would be nothing without you ! I love you my friends, my besties, my true ones, my lovely team !  on you !


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