How not to fall in love w/ this whole outfit especially worn by HER ! (Oooh and I'm getting one of those adorable pair of booties asap... Can't wait, too excited 
Comment ne pas tomber amoureuse de ce look surtout sur ELLE ! (Aaah oui, je me procure une paire de ces adorables petites boots dès que possible... Impatiente 

Hello loves ! Apart from blogging, one thing I love is to discover new inspiring people from the blogosphere, don't you ? :) That's where a LOT of us start in this WEB world by actually taking inspiration towards people 'who know the business'. Today I present my n°1 blogger GOAL ! She is just WOW !! Enjoy w/ your eyes cuz' everythg about her is enjoyable !! And that's the KENZA ZOUITEN effect 🍀🙏

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